Has anyone ever jokingly told you that you are a hypochondriac? Well it may not be a joke at all. Health anxiety used to be referred to as hypochondriasis. However, when referred to as such it had negative connotations and was not taken seriously. Either term, refers to having intense worries about having an illness or disease despite repeated reassurance from doctors. Some people may worry about a specific illness or bodily symptom, while others worry about many. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps people decrease unhealthy behaviors associated with health anxiety. These behaviors may include checking ones body for symptoms and asking for reassurance about ones health. CBT will help people counter excessive worries about health and illness. A behavior therapist will teach an anxious person to face worries about illness realistically and directly in order to overcome their avoidance of situations related to illness and death. In Healthy Behavior’s White Plains, NY office, you can start CBT for health anxiety and stop unhealthy anxiety from controlling your life.